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Keep Your Toilet Working Smoothly

Toilets. Everyone needs and uses them, especially while at home. Think of the panic that would ensue if your home’s toilet(s) suddenly became unusable. Oh, the horror! Seriously!

When you have a toilet that’s in need—dire or not—of service, don’t hesitate to call Knockout Plumbing & Mechanical. One of our meticulous and skilled plumbers will do whatever it takes to fix your commode quickly and efficiently. We provide excellent service and pride ourselves on the quality of our work in Seattle and its outlying area.

These are the eight main reasons why toilets get clogged. You can prevent some of them from happening in your home.

  1. You use too much toilet paper. The overabundance leads to clogged and overstuffed plumbing lines.

  2. There’s something trapped in the drain line in a toilet on a floor above yours. A plumber might need to investigate the problem by snaking a camera through the upstairs commode’s drain.

  3. The toilet tank doesn’t have enough water in it to propel the contents through the sewer line.

  4. A recent home renovation had a negative impact on your toilet’s drain pipes.

  5. An object unsuitable for a toilet is hindering the water from flowing through the pipes. If you have a young child, you’re probably familiar with this scenario. Adults are also guilty as charged when they toss inappropriate items—plastic bags, wipes, paper towels, etc.—into the loo.

  6. A longtime buildup of human bodily waste is impeding the drain’s water flow.

  7. Feminine hygiene products are causing a bottleneck. This especially applies to homes that rely on septic tanks!

  8. Your municipalities’ main sewer line is backed up, which, in turn, is backing up your home’s sewer line.

The takeaway: Instead of making your stopped-up commode a D.I.Y. project using powerful and dangerous sewer-drain chemicals, immediately get in touch with Knockout. Call ((833) 221-2875) or email us ( Or, fill out the form on this site. Rest assured that Knockout Plumbing & Mechanical is licensed and insured! And follow us on Facebook, Yelp and Angie’s List