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Avoid Putting These In Your Kitchen Drain

Your kitchen drain has been moving pretty slowly lately, but now it’s totally clogged! Because the kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in any home, its plugged-up drain is a huge inconvenience.

When your kitchen drain is clogged, count on Knockout Plumbing & Mechanical to get it back running smoothly. We know all about the nuisances and frustration that come with a clogged kitchen drain. Knockout Plumbing & Mechanical’s drain specialists—and, in fact, all of our employees!—are excellent at their jobs. If you live in or near Seattle, don’t wait to call on us for top-notch customer service and satisfaction!

Vegetables and fruits are good for your health, but some of them are disasters for your sink, especially if it includes a garbage disposal. Stringy fibers from celery, asparagus and pineapple can easily wrap around the blades and bring it to a standstill. Things such as nuts, seeds and corn also aren’t a sink’s friend.

The blades of your garbage disposal may be sharp, but they can’t handle chicken, beef or lamb bones. They may even break the blades! Fish bones are a different story. They’re small and fragile enough for the garbage disposal.

Don’t even think about pouring excess grease, fats and oils into the drain. These substances may be liquid at first, but they harden as they cool, build up over time and eventually bring your whole drainage system to a standstill. The same goes for eggshells. The shells are delicate, but their sticky inside membranes can attach themselves to your pipes and disposal’s blades.

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